Info about Canadian counties and county equivalents

County-level data for Canada has been integrated into this site. Much of the information below is dated.

Canada is not as organized as the U.S. (I mean that in the legal sense). The oldest, eastern provinces typically have named county subdivisions like most U.S. states. In Quebec, these subdivisions are called "regional county municipalities" (municipalité régionale de comté). The younger, western provinces have "regional municipalities" or "regional districts" or "census divisions", which may be named or numbered. The boundaries of these subdivisions are generally more dynamic than in the U.S., especially in the west and in the northern, sparsely populated areas of other provinces. Wikipedia has an article on the structure of each province and territory.

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Canada maps on thie site

County outlines imposed on Google maps are now available on this site.

Blank county outline maps for Canada.

Info about Mexican subdivision maps

Mexico has 31 states (estados) plus the Federal District (Distrito Federal), which are further subdivided into municipalities (municipios). I was able to find on-line maps showing boundaries for some of these states.

In addition, the web site of the Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes has detailed PDF files for the Mexican estados that show the outlines of the municipios (hat tip to Joe Isham for the pointer and for the updated pointer).

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