2000 U.S. Presidential Election

The map below shows the popular vote winner in each U.S. county. A county colored in red indicates that George W. Bush won the popular vote in that county. A county colored in blue indicates that Al Gore won the popular vote in that county. Darker colors indicate a more substantial margin of victory for the winning candidate in that county.


Source of county by county election result data from the CNN web site.

Data for the whole state of Alaska was masked onto every county (er, borough) in Alaska.

Data for the New England states was reported by township. The townships were mapped to their respective counties and the cumulative data for the county is presented here. In some cases, particularly in Maine, I could not figure out which county some of the townships were in, so their results were ignored. In general, these townships were quite small and would not have much of an effect on the countywide results.


County-by-County* election results
Candidate # of Counties Population
1990 Census
Area (sq. mi.)
Bush 2463 114,542,960 2,543,701
Gore 675 98,099,895 492,357

* the usual caveats about what is a county apply

Gore swept the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Hawaii (and the District of Columbia).

Bush swept the states of Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and possibly Alaska.

If every county had an equal vote, then Bush would have won in a landslide. But, as I heard on the radio today, dirt can't vote.

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